Beach Getaway Mykonos

When you think about Greece, I’m sure most readers think of the beautiful picturesque islands south of the Greek mainland like Mykonos, Santorini and more. September last year was when my family and I took a trip to Mykonos for a late summer vacation. Read on to find out just how much Mykonos should be your next island getaway destination.

You have the option of either flying to the island of Mykonos or by boat. We chose the latter option and took the Seajets cruise line from Piraeus port in Athens early morning. The journey took about a little over 3 hours to reach the island.

Sunrise from the Seajets Cruise


The Greek islands are famous for its unique white cubic architecture for its buildings which complements the blue sky and sea around. We stayed at Pelican Bay Art hotel which is located a little southwest of the Island. The rooms are beautiful and spacious. Our location gave a quick access to the beach, restaurants and transportation to the town.

Pelican Bay Art Hotel


Our hotel room


The nearest beach was the Platis Gialos Beach. It is a huge long beach where various restaurants and accomodation line up along the beach. The water is crystal clear and the sandy beach is perfect for a swim as the gradual depth gives plenty of space to do some recreational swimming. We had our lunches and dinners at the restaurants here which gives very scenic view in the day and a lively vibe at night.

Platis Gialos beach

Another nearby beach we checked out was Psarrou Beach. Unless you’re staying at one of the accomodations here, reaching the beach can be quite difficult as you’ll need to climb down the main road. Looks to be like a more exclusive and high end beach as I saw yachts and boats docking in the middle of the sea there. When we went, very few people were swimming or playing at the beach.

Psarrou Beach

The main town in Mykonos is Chora. Most of the attractions are accessible within the town. A taxi ride takes about EUR10 per ride or you can go by bus from Platis Gialos beach. You can start your journey discovering the town by heading towards the water to the east. From there, you can admire the vast blue sea as you walk along the coast towards the Windmills of Kato Mili.

Coastline at Chora

Windmills of Kato Mili

As you are on top of a hill, it will give you a great view of the main area of Chora as well as a glimpse of where you’ll be heading towards. Take in the cool breeze before you head downhill towards the narrow streets of Chora. Along the beach line you should be able to spot the Little Venice jutting out into the sea at the north from where you are.

Little Venice

We also had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants in the town trying out a lot of delicacies like stuffed mushroom, fried zucchini and greek pizza. The main town itself consists of more white buildings and narrow alleyways that makes for instagram worthy shots. Within these building are small stores selling souvenirs from greek style clothings to arts and crafts. Be sure you know where you’re going or you might get lost in the maze of buildings here.

Narrow alleyways in Chora

After lunch, we continued our visit along the narrow alleyways and were surprised to stumble upon the Old Port area. I expected an abandoned boat docking area but was surprised it was actually packed with people. The Old Port was a long beach which still had boats and yachts docked all over and lined with more restaurants and shops in a more open space. I guess you could say we reached the North part of town. We indulged ourselves with some gelato to cool off in the late summer sun.

The view at Old Port

We only stayed for 3 days as we were heading to Santorini next. Since it was a beach getaway, I felt it was a good pace for the places we went and still got to take some time to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. So what do you think? Does this pique your interest in going to Mykonos?


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