My 24 hours in Oslo

Earlier in the year I took a quick trip across Scandinavia including Oslo in Norway. We had only 1 day to spend and here’s what we did and almost did.

Oslo Airport

We arrived in Oslo by plane from Iceland. Can I just say Norwegian Airlines is my favourite airline. Why you ask? Free unlimited Wi-fi! The airport looks so modern with its simplistic design. If you’re like us and you’re not leaving via airport, best to first get your fix on some duty free souvenirs like chocolates and sweets.

Oslo Central Station

We bought a 24 hours travel card for 190 krone each which gives us access to all of Oslo’s public transport for all zones unlimited. From the Airport we took the train that goes direct to the Central Station in 30 minutes. A massive station which is really central to everywhere you wanna go in Oslo. The entrance had a Tiger statue greeting us which I believe is the symbol of the city.

Citybox Oslo

We arrived in the evening so it’s straight to check into our accomodation. We booked this chic modern affordable hotel which is a few blocks from the Central Station. It was about 800 krone for a twin room. Check in was via machine that will give us our room cards. It has that simplistic modern feel to it.

Karl Johans Gate

Since it was already night time, we didn’t have time to go too far. Luckily enough the shopping street Karl Johans gate is nearby so we manage to buy some Norwegian souvenirs there to bring back home. There are a bunch of other shops to check out as well if you’re looking to do some extra shopping.

Oslo Opera House

We also made a stop at the Opera House. A very modern building that sits by the waters. The cool thing about this place is you can climb up the roof to get a view of the city skyline around. The roof extends from the base on 1 side right up to the top of the main halls so you’re literally climbing the roof.

Barcode Buildings

From the rooftop I was able to get a view of the Barcode Buildings that Oslo’s skyline is famous for.

She Lies

Don’t forget to also spot the sculpture created by Monica Bonvicini on the waters by the Opera House. What is your interpretation of this art?

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Norway is famous for its ski jump sporting. This enormous facility can be reached via metro. The hillside view of Oslo during the journey is spectacular. We also manage to go into the main stands without any restrictions and get great pics for souvenir.


Ok the initial plan was to go tobogganing at Korketrekkeren. Frogneseteren was the station we had to disembark at to go there but because the snowy path down from the station can be quit challenging and confusing (plus I didn’t have the right shoes), we decided to cancel our plan and just enjoy the view of the surrounding snow covered hills and trees. That in itself is amazing. I’ve never seen so much snow.

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo

Totally optional but I usually make a point to visit any Hard Rock Cafe in the cities I visit and this one was at Karl Johans Gate on the north side. It sits right by the main street in a unique old style corner building.

National Gallery

Edward Munch is famous for the Scream painting and a copy is displayed here as well as his other works. Also admire Norway art through the years in this vast museum. 100 kroner per entry.

Royal Palace

Just a couple of blocks from National Gallery and sits at the North end of Karl Johans Gate is the Royal Palace. At 1.30pm, there’s regularly a guard changing ceremony happening in the vicinity. In the summer months, the palace is open for a tour.


We went for Muslim prayers at the nearby Norway Islamic Cultural Center here. This area is a melting pot of many cultures so you can find restaurants serving international food and some of them is halal as well. Here’s where we had our lunch of fried chickens at the metro station. I guess I was too hungry that I didn’t manage to get any picture taken of the area.

Aker Brygge

Next stop was to Aker Brygge, the new modern enclave by the docks famous for its dining and shopping. I wished the weather was nicer as it was drizzling when we visited. Aker Brygge is also an architecture enthusiast heaven as the building here are each different and unique in its own way.

City Hall

When reaching Aker Brygge you can also make a visit to the Oslo City Hall nearby. Its brick colored high blocks and a prominent clock face is hardly unnoticable.

Akershus Fortress

Here’s one I planned but didn’t get to go to. It is a medieval castle that functioned for various uses throughout its years including as a prison. I only got a far off view from Aker Brygge. Hopefully to visit when I return someday.

Time to leave Oslo just in time to take the train to Stockholm. What do you guys think? I manage to cover a lot of ground within 24 hours. Get inspired and share your story of Oslo!


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