Before You Book That Flight to Maldives…

I’m currently in Maldives for a short break. Having the most fun and relaxing time so far. No this post is not to put you off about Maldives but more to set your expectation based on my experience here.

Check out Accomodation options first

I usually just book a flight first to lock in my holidays. The assumption is that flights are usually the costliest part of the whole trip. However, for Maldives, you might be spending more on accommodation. So check out what options are available to see if it’s within your budget. Packages which includes food and facilities might or might not save you some money.

Decide on where you want to stay

Staying in Male’ can give you more places to go and maybe activities at a cheaper cost, but the scenery might not be as beautiful as you see in those brochures or ads. I read that the further from the city you go, the beaches and ocean is much better.

Double check on extra charges

Most hotel booking sites do not include speedboat or seaplane transfers into the total cost, which can be quite expensive depending on the location of your accommodation. Try checking the resort’s site itself to see if they have rates where transfers are included. It might save you a lot. There are also additional taxes to add to the total cost.

Plan your activities

There are a lot of activities to do in Maldives and it will depend on where you’re staying. If you’re around the Male’ area, activities might be cheaper. However, if you’re staying at a private island resort, your only option for outdoor activities are the ones provided by the resort which can be quite pricey. A quick check on the prices can prepare you for the budget to spend. A resort that provides a few activities for free might also save you some money.

Check your flight times

AirAsia has daily flights to Maldives at the oddest hour if you’re flying from Malaysia. You’ll arrive here at about 8.15pm so you’ll need to check with your accommodation if they provide transfers at night. Luckily our resort was only 20 minutes away so they do provide. Else, you might have to stay at the airport or Male’ and make your way to the resort the next day

Bring your own snacks

If you’re on a budget but really want to experience that private resort over water villa, one way you can save yourself from spending extra is to bring your own food. This can prevent you from grabbing that expensive peanut from the minibar as they might not be any shops available on the island resort.

So there you go. Now you’re all set for the trip of a lifetime to beautiful Maldives. Just sit back and enjoy the view of the ocean.


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