Apps You Should Have for Your Travels

No one ever leaves their smartphones behind nowadays. Simply because it can just do about anything for you, including for your travels. So here are a few types of apps I make sure I have on my phone when planning or during my travels.

Airline App

With your airline apps (I have regularly use the AirAsia app), you’re now able to book and check in your flights. Also, say bye bye to paper boarding passes (In some cases, almost)! Things are now going paperless so all you need is the app to board your flights. You’re also saving the environment at the same time.

Hotel Booking App

Sure the hotel has your booking all keyed in, but you’ll never know when you’re gonna have to provide some proof of booking or some sort. It’s easier with the app of the site you used to book. I regularly use, AirAsiaGo and Expedia. These sites also offer great prices on accommodations. If you’re using Airbnb for your accomodations, you’ll definitely need the app to communicate with your host and get information on the place you’re staying.

TripAdvisor App

This is more specific. Simply because I rely a lot on TripAdvisor to read reviews on hotels, places of interests and the likes. This helps me decide the places I’m going and staying. By looking at the reviews and rankings at places that I see are offering great deals, I can be more sure of the choices I make.

TripIt App

If you need one place to have details of most of your bookings, TripIt does a great deal of organizing it. All you have to do is forward your bookings to their email and easily it organizes them according to the date and time of your travel.

Currency Exchange App

I personally use XE Currency app to find out how much things are in my local currency and other currencies. When the price of a potential purchase got you thinking twice, you’ll need this app to figure out if it’s worth buying.

Underground/Subway/Transportation App

A good preparation for your Free & Easy trip is to figure out the kinds of transportation available and how to get to places. When I visited Korea, Japan, Singapore, London, I used their underground/subway system a lot so I downloaded apps that have their underground system. If there’s an offline version, it will help a lot when you don’t have data to go online. Some will even give out the fares for your travels.

Prayer Times & Direction App

As a Muslim traveler, I would need to find out the prayer times and direction to Mecca from where I’m staying. I use to bring a compass around for direction but since they exists in smartphones nowadays, I just need to download an app and it will point me in the right direction.

Hope this gives you some pointers to help on your travels. Also be sure to keep your smartphones securely during your travels from pickpockets!



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